How our programme works

People lead busy lives; we recommend small changes that easily fit into daily routines, resulting in big changes to overall wellbeing; improving health, concentration, mental outlook, and the ability to deal with stress.

Our wellbeing programme covers four key elements to wellbeing, focusing on the inter-relation between each area, because understanding how they connect gets the best results.

Before the workshop, we evaluate participants' wellbeing based on a questionnaire covering key elements to health; this helps provide a framework of the unique needs of the audience. We provide a personalised report on eating habits, giving ideas on how to make improvements.

The workshop is an interactive day when participants create a personal action plan tailored to their individual needs. The day includes a variety of activities that help identify small changes that can make a big impact.

Our unique realignment process supports participants to keep up the changes they commit to making following the workshop and we provide ongoing tips and advice to help maintain momentum and build on successes.

Top five things you need to know about being active

1. How can being active reduce the chance of getting serious health conditions?
2. What does being active really mean?
3. How active do you need to be to improve wellbeing?
4. How can you be active when you hate exercise?
5. Why is sleep so important?

Top five things you need to know about eating well

1. How to eat the right foods without becoming an expert on nutrition
2. Understanding calories to control weight
3. How to get the full range of vitamins and minerals without taking supplements
4. How to eat well on the go
5. How drinking impacts wellbeing

Top five things you need to know about mental resilience

1. Is there a difference between stress and mental resilience?
2. How can you tell if you're stressed?
3. Three top ways of dealing with stress
4. Can you develop mental resilience?
5. Top tips on finding better ways of working

Top five things you need to know about relaxation

1. What's the best way of chilling out?
2. Could a glass of wine damage your wellbeing?
3. Are your ways of relaxing putting you at risk?
4. Are hobbies for squares?
5. Is there anything to complementary health?

Our workshops provide the answers to all this, and much more!

How does the day shape up?

Workshops last from 9.30 am until 4.30 pm and take place at our offices in Stepney Green, East London, with between 10 and 20 participants.

Workshops can be arranged at your offices for 10 or more participants.