Why wellbeing?

Research indicates that healthier staff are happier staff, and that happier staff are more productive, efficient, resilient and engaged. All of this leads to better profits, whether through increased efficiency of outputs; better client relationships (ergo repeat business); and reduced costs of staff turnover and absence.

Every year in the UK, 200 million days are lost through sickness absence at an estimated cost of £17 billion to the economy.(1) Stress has become the primary reason for absence, and presenteeism is on the rise. The cost of presenteeism is more expensive than absenteeism(2), due to sub-performance, mistakes and accidents, having a negative effect on both the individual and the organisation.

Our programme addresses mind and body, covering the four key areas of employee wellbeing through a combination of education and ongoing support. It allows participants to identify specific aspects of their life they feel should be changed to improve their wellbeing, and helps them commit to changes that can be included easily into their existing home and work routines to maximise the likelihood of them keeping up healthier lifestyles.

(1)Confederation of British Industry (“CBI”), Work Foundation Report, Apr 2010
(2)Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (“SCMH”), 2007 – presenteeism is 1.5 times more expensive than absenteeism

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Benefits to employers

A good employee wellness programme helps businesses to increase employee engagement; reduce employee turnover; reduce absenteeism and presenteeism; improve productivity, morale and employee up-skilling; attract the best talent; reduce ancillary expenses and improve brand. 

Our Programme

Centred around a one-day inter-active workshop, our pre-workshop evaluation helps identify key challenges and the wellbeing level of participants. Creating their own action plans on the day, helps people take accountability for their health, and post-workshop support maintains interest.

Why Us

We show how significant long-term improvements are achieved through small steps which are easy to maintain. Our ongoing post-workshop support helps maintain momentum. We have over 20 years’ experience advising on health, and are charity backed with all profits reinvested into charity.

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