Top eight tips to lose weight without changing what you eat

For 39% of employees, weight loss is their top concern according to a poll by ComPsych, a provider of employee assistance programmes.

It's not surprising that weight is a primary area of concern for workers. Long commutes, sedentary roles, and increased stress as workloads rise while workforces fall, can all lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Here's out top tips for losing weight without fundamentally changing what you eat:

1. Eat less – it may sound simple, but we're not great a portion control, often eating far more than we need. If you pile your plate with food, you're more likely to wade through it. Choose a smaller plate, have one slice of toast instead of two, halve the amounts of high sugar / fat foods you eat (so if you're having chips with supper, eat half the portion you usually would). You'll be surprised at how quickly you can reduce your calorie intake this way, without changing the content of your diet.

2. Don't eat at your desk – eating while doing something else (i.e. flicking through emails or watching TV) doesn't help the body recognise when it's full, so you're likely to keep munching, even though you've had enough.

3. Don't skip meals – snacking when you're hungry almost always leads to eating high fat, high sugar products.

4. Don't eat out of habit – attractive looking food can make you fancy eating even if you're not hungry. Don't let your senses trick your appetite: do you really want a cake, or is it just because you've seen something tempting? Do you really want apple crumble, or does the smell spark nostalgia for happy past memories? Do you really want fast food, or is it a habit you've formed whenever you walk past a fast food outlet?

5. Swap high fat foods for low fat ones – there are low fat options for many foods, so reduce your fat intake by opting for low fat versions, but beware; low fat doesn't mean low sugar, so you may not be reducing your calorie intake though you will be reducing the amount of fat you consume.

6. If nuts and fruit don't float your boat as a sweet treat, choose lighter versions, such as a kit kat (two fingers, not four!) instead of a Mars or Snickers bar. Alternatively, buy fun size versions, so you just have a bite or two (so long as you're not tempted to eat several).

7. Watch what you drink – whether alcohol or soft drinks, these can be high in calorie content. Get the benefits of fruit juices, but dilute them with water to reduce the overall calorie content. Enjoy a latte, but opt for skimmed milk. Switch high calorie drinks such as a large glass of red wine (circa 125 calories) for vodka, fresh lime and soda (still a 'long' drink, but only 50 calories).

8. Get active – even a small amount of activity can increase the amount of calories you're burning. Don't take the lift for one or two flights of stairs, walk instead. Swap an email for a personal chat and get walking around the office. Don't let kind colleagues bring drinks to your desk, take the opportunity to get up and move about.