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Being Active

Being Active - Information booklet

Read our booklet to find out why being active can add years to your life expectancy and easy ways to make it fit with your life.

Being Active - What activity is right for you?

Want help choosing an activity that suits your personality? Download our free guide here.

Eating For Health

Eating For Health - Information booklet

Fed up with complex eating plans and restrictive diets? Read our booklet on Eating For Health to find out how you can get a balanced diet and eat the right things without giving up the things you enjoy.

Eating For Health - Food Groups

Download our food group template to check whether you're eating the right things in the right proportions.

Eating For Health - One Day Food Diary

Want us to give you a free assessment on what you're eating? Fill in our food diary template and email it to (we will provide feedback on one day's food diary free of charge, for a more detailed analysis, please contact us.)

Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience - Information booklet

Looking for ways to deal with stress and build your mental resilience? Read our booklet to find out how.

Mental Resilience - How do you spend your day?

Too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Try our daily time template to check whether you're prioritising the right things at work.


Relaxation - Information booklet

Are your downtime activities putting your health at risk? Read our booklet to find out why some pastimes can be harmful and tips on healthy ways to kick back and relax.

Relaxation - 100 Hobbies to try

Need inspiration finding a hobby? We've got 100 suggestions so you can find one that's just right for you.


Wellbeing - Workbook

Attended our wellbeing workshop and want a new activity book? Download one here.