Client area

Welcome to our client area. Below you'll find links to various downloable documents and helpful articles that can really help you to make the most of our wellbeing programme and guide you to become a happier, healthier you.

You can also complete regular online self assessments to see how you're improving, or let us know how you're progressing and we'll provide you with help or guidance if you need it.

Above all, keep doing what you're doing and try to make the entire experience as fun and enjoyable for yourself as possible.

Good luck!

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Downloadable information

Click here to download more information on the 4 key areas of wellbeing that were discussed during your workshop. Being Active, Eating Well, Mental Resilience and Relaxation


Click here to view our range of helpful blogs and articles. They contain a lot of information about the benefits of wellbeing and can help you to make the most out of our programme.

Your self assessment

Click below to complete your self asessment. Why not print off your results and add the date so you can see how and when you've made improvements to your overall wellbeing!

Tell us how you're doing

We always like to find out how our participants are progressing. Click here to let us know how you're doing or if you'd like some help or guidance with certain areas.